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Melanie Birk         Artist, Designer, Writer  Vibrant Paintings & Collages 
Artist Statement

About My Art by Melanie Birk

Background . . . A former writer an author, I began painting about 13 years ago, after my family and I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. How could I ask for a more inspirational locale? I studied with a successful, local artist and started painting landscapes in acrylics. My work eventually evolved into a larger scale, focusing mainly on surreal depictions of nature and including mixed media. 

Signatures . . . Hallmarks of my art are the use of vivid, joyful color; the portrayal of nature in a contemporary, whimsical style; and an unusual mix of prints and patterns that is both stimulating and artful. I am a garden lover and never tire of examining flowers, leaves, vines, (even weeds!), to feature in my paintings and collages. 

Color, Wow . . . I enjoy using saturated color and am influenced by the work of "les fauves," a group of early 20th-century artists known for their intensely vibrant palette. Like these painters, I work with bold hues to evoke emotion and express excitement. The products drawn from my art have a similar style - beautiful and uplifting, they are energizing and fun to use or wear. 

Restoring Nature . . . My series on the rainforest highlights the beauty of this precious resource, encouraging us to appreciate its value and repair the damage we have caused. Mixed-media pieces are inspired by the abundant color, texture and pattern of nature's flora. Stylized leaves, flowers and branches are layered and intertwined in a playful style, reflecting my belief in the interconnectedness of all living things. The collages feature a mixture of acrylic paint, handmade papers, feathers, buttons and other found objects. 

Scapes . . . My series based on maps represents aerial, often imaginary points of view, or studies of oceans, rivers and coastal lands. My landscape paintings reflect my love of architecture, and include the geometric shapes found in both buildings and nature. I am interested in the structure of land formations, especially the mountains, mesas and calderas of the Southwest. As a former writer, I specialized in the subject of architecture, publishing books on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

NEWS! . . . I am starting a new business transforming my art into custom fabric and then into textile products including scarves, pillows and wraps.

Go to www.bluethistlearts.com to view my new e-boutique!
Spend $150 and I will work with the Arbor Foundation
to plant a tree on your behalf.


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